Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vintage Hexagon Crib Quilt

This is the best day I`ve had in the three weeks since learning I have asthma. I don`t like staying indoors but my allergies are intense. Lots of pollen and dust. While avoiding the dreaded pollen I`ve been  making another tote bag for my DIL. Hand quilting the sides today. Should be done by Saturday. 

I`m doing a short re-post today about a very old hand quilted Hexagon Crib Quilt. I love this little blanket purchased at a yard sale. It is made from scraps.   We were friends of the family. The gentleman selling this precious quilt had been recently widowed. I think he charged me $3.00. I offered more but he wouldn`t take it.

Isn`t it splendid! I`m pulling lots of UFO embroidery projects out of drawers. Embroidery is so restful. I``ve had so much fun these last couple of days quietly hand stitching. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it.



  1. Hope the pollen stops son so you can get out a little. Hand sewing is restful.

  2. What a beautiful old Hexi. I think the gentleman knew that you would really enjoy the the quilt for years. Embroidery is in style, just read a blog about it at Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend :)

  3. Oh, I do love the old hexie quilt! I love quilting, but there is something restful about embroidery, tto.

  4. That's a beautiful little quilt. How sweet that it has a new home where it is loved and appreciated.

    Hope the Pollen gives you a break!

  5. Cathy I just love that quilt. I bought a large crib quilt at a yard sale once that had been washed so many times it was already getting ragged when I got it but I used it as my lap quilt for a couple of years until it finally disintegrated. It was the softest thing ever! I love hand embroidery and that's all the stitching I've done this week. Since school was out I just have been so tired that I knew trying to work on something on the machine would be too challenging. Embroidery is perfect for those times when you want to stitch something but don't want to think. :) I hate that your allergies have gotten so bad. I get weekly shots and still have to use a nasal spray every day all year and take an antihistamine in the spring. blessings, marlene

  6. Do hope you are feeling better with your asthma problems, Cathy. It is peaceful sitting with hand sewing, and you are doing an excellent job of it.


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