Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Coronation Cord

Antique Linen Doily with Crochet and Coronation Cord

Crochet and Coronation Cord Circa 1900

Embroidered Table Runner Circa 1920s Trimmed with Coronation Cord

I just love Coronation Cord. Manufacturing starting about 1875 by the Columbia and Bear thread companies and ended about the mid 1920s. Coronation Cord is wrapped cording used with crochet or tatting or alone to adorn garments. It came in several sizes. White was the color for years and then colored cord came on the scene.

Coronation Cord can be purchased today from dealers of vintage textiles, threads and yarns. I have seen it on ebay. I collect all the linens I can find with this lovely antique trim.

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