Friday, July 6, 2007

Aunt Martha`s Tropical Babies

Tropical Babies circa 1930s

I found this Day Of The Week Towel with Aunt Martha`s Transfer Pattern, Tropical Babies. Circa 1930. The little fellow is at rest, thus being the Sunday towel. It has stains I haven`t been able to remove, but no matter.

I just started collecting Day Of The Week Towels 1940s and older. I love vintage handwork. My towels are displayed in the kitchen and bath and my guests really enjoy them. My grandmother freshened her kitchen or dish towels often. At least daily. Usually the day embroidered on them didn`t matter. Fridays or Saturdays or whatever were used whenever. It`s hard to find a good sturdy cotton dish towel today in such generous sizes and with lovely embroidery as a bonus.

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