Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do You Collect Vintage Thread?

This is a nice little lot of vintage thread I found in an old sewing box. Also in the mix is a pair of vintage sewing shears made by the Equity Shear Company in Newark, NJ and four old crochet hooks, two Boye and two Susan Bates. The little wooden spool with white thread is engraved Collingsbourne Darning Cotton on one end. The other end is engraved Waterspun, Western Thread Company. The gold color thread is American Thread Company Crochet and Knitting Cotton on a wooden spool. The paper label reads American Thread Company, Wash Colors, San Silk, 100 Yards, For Crochet & Knitting. The paper label on the other end has purple lettering, American Thread Company Manufacturers. The last wooden spool with the green thread is not marked on either end. The thread appears to be knitting and crochet cotton. All are Bow Tie spools, quite lovely.

To learn more about vintage thread and their spools visit Fabrics.Net. I am new to thread and spool collecting and I learned a lot at the "Fabrics" site. This new collecting area is going to be lots of fun!

Till later,


  1. I switched to Picasa 3 to edit my pictures. I used irfanview for 5 years and I like Picasa much better. Thanks for the comment.

    My husband expects me to darn his socks with that old darning cotton. HA HA HA!! He`s so funny.

  2. These are so cute! Our cousin did a shadow box with sewing sweet looking! So...what are you doing with all of your colected sewing things?

  3. Hi there,

    I put this lot in a drawer to keep them clean. I might try the shadow box idea so I can enjoy them all the time.

    I`ll use the crochet hooks. They are quite tiny and will be perfect for a crochet bedspread I`m making.


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