Saturday, September 19, 2009

Unexpected Treasures

Greetings this wonderful Saturday!

Late yesterday afternoon we had a bit of thunder, a few drops of rain and bright rainbows in the east. It was almost sunset.

Have you packed a box, then stored it away and forgotten about it? I stumbled on one of those boxes two days ago while cleaning out a shed. It was in the shed more than a year and full of surprises. A friends` mom died and he packed up a box for me a year ago. I put it in the shed. If a box is out of my sight for any length of time, it`s forgotten. Some of what I found.

A Half Yard Of Vintage Rose Colored Taffeta.

A Quilting Template

Four Fat Quarters

A Yard Of Vintage Lace

There is much more. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks as always for visiting. May your weekend also have lovely surprises.



  1. Hi Cathy
    I often find things in my basement or garage that I forgot I had! It is a nice surprise, almost like getting a gift :-)

  2. Yeah! I was going to say, finding a forgotten box is like Christmas. :)

    (I love this - Louis Prima in the morning.)

  3. We don't have room to store forgotten boxes! We have boxes of stuff for sure, but we know what is in every one of them. Sometimes we have to make decisions about which ones to get rid of, to make room for something else. No fun at all ;-(


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