Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I learned Something New About 1930`s Tablecloths

I learn something new everyday and I think you will agree that learning about our vintage items never ends. Well, I went to Fabrics.net, a great resource about vintage, to see what info they had about the 1930`s tablecloths. I learned about "grinning". Have you noticed the white spaces, what I have always called halo`s, around the print on your tablecloth? Grinning separated the motifs and colors. Notice the white area around the red flowers in the picture below? The halo`s kept the colors and patterns from overlapping. Most of you probably already know that. I am always happy to learn something new and I like to share. When I see that white separation I know I have a 1930`s cloth. To learn more, go HERE.

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  1. OMGoodness Cathy!!
    I never knew that.... Just goes to show You can teach an old dog new tricks!! LOL!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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