Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kingman Mission Style Train Station To Be Renovated

I was very happy to read in the Kingman Daily Miner this renovation will soon start. The train station is a beautiful building. I hope objects removed over the years are returned for all to appreciate. Picture courtesy Kingman Daily Miner newspaper. Per the website Great American Stations, This one-story station was built in 1907 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company in Spanish Mission style. The construction utilized poured concrete in an effort to ensure a fireproofed building. This was a calculated decision on the part of the railroad, as two previous stations had previously burned down on that same location upon contact with hot cinders from passing steam engines.

This is what I was doing yesterday. I try to get out by 5:30 or 6:00 AM to beat the heat. Didn`t work, LOL.

I`ll be doing more today. I can`t complain. We have not been too terribly hot. It`s the warm wind that dries me out, literally.

You know me. When I have something to say, I say it. I am very disappointed with BP, President Obama and operations in the Gulf. Drop the politics and repeal the Jones Act, therefore allowing other nations boats to come in and help. Senator McCain has introduced a bill to do just that. There are too many egos involved. Has anyone thought about ONE agency in charge, overseeing  the other agencies, might be a good idea?  One news station reported yesterday there is a fight as to where to get  sand. The world`s help is needed. This is a horrible situation getting worse. Politicians and corporate types, please leave the attitude at the door.

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  1. IMO this BP mess is going to take a whole "village" of people from all walks of life to fix it. It's not the time to play politics of any manor. I feel that our world as we know it is slipping away from humanity!! Maybe this is what people meant years ago by saying "man was going to destroy himself"!
    Great Post Catherine!!
    Have a Great Day!

  2. I agree. Too many people with an agenda.


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