Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Weather Report and Vintage Jewelry.

It rained this morning. Lots of thunder and lightening which I slept through. The air is a little cooler and the desert smells wonderful. The sage is very strong.

I have a smallish lot of vintage jewelry I`m thinking of selling on Ebay. Lots of it is Sarah Coventry like the huge Fashion Flower brooch and equally large AB earrings, the Chit Chat chatelaine, the goldtone feather pin and those wonderful smokey earrings.There is also BSK, Trifari, Dotty Smith and unmarked pieces. I am partial to Marvella Pearl necklaces from the 1950`s. 

It`s getting humid already. I need to get to the chores. The same morning we had a rattlesnake in the carport, our neighbor had one on his doorsill of his back door. Saw it there at the last second and quickly shut the doors. That time of year.

Wishing everyone cooler weather!!


  1. OOOOh....My Mom used to have Sarah Coventry back in the day!! Great Costume Jewelry!!
    Snakes?!?!?!?!! Gadzooks...Catherine..... Gadzooks!!
    Stay Safe...

  2. Love the brooches, I'm a huge brooch person.


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