Sunday, August 15, 2010

Almost Autumn

Hello everyone! I`ve been away trying to finish Christmas and birthday gifts. It`s hot and a little humid again. Early morning temperatures are in the 50`s which is great. By late afternoon it is just over 90 with a little humidity. We are used to dry heat and the tiniest rise in humidity is uncomfortable.

It`s the middle of August and Fall can`t be far behind. I so look forward to it. There are no falling leaves but soon there will be that morning chill and the smell of the woodstove. We`ll be able to prospect full time.  The dogs can languish all day in the run.  I`ll be able to take my walk anytime of day. It doesn`t get cold till late November or early December.

I chose the picture above because of those lovely autumn colors. The barn and waterfall remind me of Pennsylvania and Colorado. I hope you all have a splendid weekend and ladies, be kind to yourselves. We don`t do that enough.


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  1. 50's in the mornings sounds like heaven, it's been in the 70's during the am here and 90's to 100, breaking records from 1954! I'm so ready for fall! Bring it on! SOON!


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