Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pinal County AZ Accepting Donations To Buy Weapons To Fight Drug Cartels

Pinal County Accepting Donations To Buy Weapons - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

I applaud Sheriff Babeu for stepping up in a major way to protect his officers and the people of Arizona. Remember the bad guys many times move to other states.

The Obama administration can pee up a rope.


  1. Oh yeah..... There are certainly plenty here in good ole' Pennsylvania!! As my husband says.... This can only get worse!!

  2. I am with you all the way..good for him!

  3. MI is trying to pass a law similar to AZ's. I hope we do. What gets me is the poll numbers seem to say that Americans support the AZ law by more than 80%, yet all you see on the news is the protesters. Um, would you like a little bias with your daily newscast??

  4. Hello Allie,

    I hope MI gets their law. I guess protesters draw more viewers. The more antagonistic people last week were imported from LA. There was a "Support SB1070" rally in Phoenix this past Saturday night. I heard nothing about it on any local TV station or newspaper the following day. Yes, I`d say there is a bit of media bias.

    Everyone I talk to, including legal Mexican immigrants, support the bill.

    Thank you for stopping by,

  5. Thank you Dani for your comment. Sheriff Babeu is a hardworking guy trying to do what`s right and I expect more of the County Sheriff`s to do the same.


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