Friday, August 27, 2010

Rain and Recycling Household Water

Wow! Rain two days in a row and looks like more today. Most vegetation in my area is brown and crispy dry. My lilacs are suffering as are my herbs and my one and only fir tree.  I water, but we haul our water so try to be judicious in the way we use it. The deep soaking rain is far superior to my  watering. I recycle gray water, using my scrub water on the trees,  lilacs and small willows.

When I clean the dogs and cats water dishes  (I have three labs), I dump the water bowls into a bucket using that water for house plants. Very soon we are running a line from the washer to the back yard,  watering the wild flowers and trees. Water from the sinks goes straight to the septic and we are allowed to run gray water on the ground here. Black water goes where it belongs, the septic. I use a homemade mix of yeast and sugar to keep the septic flowing nicely.  Small things, but effective.

I hope you all have a cool, relaxing weekend!


  1. we have had rain for the last two days the just poured yesterday..rather nice but makes it sooo you well know...I think our weather is very similar to yours....I like Arizona...there was a lightening strike too which started a fire on a small hill.

  2. When we lived in the Mojave, I used to put my laundry water out on the plants (bucket by bucket). I'm sure we weren't supposed to, but it was so hard to see all that water just pouring down the rain.

    Would it be worth your while to set up a rainwater reclamation system? Maybe you already have that.

  3. We are planning a rainwater reclamation system. I don`t think we got six inches rain this season. It`s cloudy again, so hoping for more rain today. The humidity just hangs around for days.

  4. We have had several days of wet & cloudy & cool. This morning it was actually 47 degrees!! Starting tomorrow our temps are going back up into the 90's for a few days. AC will run.....
    Have a Great Weekend!

  5. Hi Dani,

    We had a little thunder and lightening. I caught the smell of a Joshua tree burning in the distance. The wind carries the smells a few miles sometimes. Last week I guess there was a micro burst down in Meadview, about 5 miles south of me. Garage doors ripped off and blown inside the garages. Trusses lifted up and shingles all over. This place is mostly mobile homes and I am surprised no one was hurt. The roads flooded and low spots filled with mud and sand. This doesn`t happen often.

    Have a nice day!

  6. I was lucky enough to purchase 2 55gal. rain barrels at a recent auction for $5 total! Both were already set up with faucets and pipes for filling, but sadly someone had cut a big hole in the wrong place on one so as to render it unusable for water.

    We've cleaned up and hooked up one to the side of the chicken coop and will start using it to water the chickens when the weather cools. I've been told not to use it during hot weather as it could grow unhealthy bacteria. My husband fashioned a large feeder out of the other one.

  7. Hi Kathy,

    That was a nice deal on the rain barrels. Bacteria might be a problem in hot weather. We once had algae from the heat in our fiberglass water hauling tank. My husband puts a tiny bit of bleach in the tank before he fills it up in the summer. The water co-op has a chlorinator at all the tanks we fill from anyway. I figure what DH does is overkill. Our wells are tested regularly for bacteria and contamination per state laws.


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