Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cookin` Again!

Fall is finally in the desert air and I can cook and bake to my hearts content! No more hot kitchen! I`ve already baked a few apple pies, brownies, muffins and tarts. Sorry no pictures, all gone!

It`s windy and cool this morning. I can smell the rain. Our high is only going to be 84! Now I`m going to make a huge breakfast for DH. You all have a wonderful Fall day. Isn`t that just the cutest picture? The baby is probably a better cook than I.



  1. Your blog looks great! Fall arrives tomorrow and I"m so ready! Check out my FB page for some great fall recipes!

  2. I`ll check out your FB page this morning. Thanks Sue.

  3. Aha, the master chef at it again.
    Lovely picture.


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