Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures. Lace And A Handbag.

We had a great Thanksgiving celebration with my son and daughter-in-law. Good company and good food. It was freezing cold, day and night. Light snow off and on and constant wind. The kids did get out on their ATV exploring the desert. Brr! I stayed home enjoying the friendly warmth of the fire.

On to my thrifty finds. The first picture shows a portion of an appliqued elaborate table runner or dresser scarf. It is cutwork appliqued on net. Below that is the reverse side. I am still learning and don`t know the proper term for this particular type of embroidery on net.

The third picture is an  example of Filet Net or Knotted Net Lace. The mesh on which the pattern is  embroidered is actually hand knotted fish net. You can purchase the net or make it yourself. The linen stitch creates the fabric. I first thought the spaces were darned, but not so. Darning stitches go one way. The linen stitch goes across and up and down. Please check out the link. The piece below is an insert. Could be used on a decorative pillow or a bedspread. The spaces are filled with the linen stitch.

Last is this fabulous 1950`s vintage Etra handbag. It is embossed leather. The chain can be tucked into the bag and you have a gorgeous clutch. The handbag was 3.50 and retails for about 40.00.

I will continue my research on the applique piece. I haven`t found exactly what I have. Please feel free to comment. I`m going to frame the insert. I paid 25 cents for that and 50 cents for the applique scarf.

It`s warming outside and now I can do my chores. Everyone have a splendid day!
Thank you Carolyn at Harbor Hon for your information about the cutwork table runner!


  1. Glad to hear you had a blessed Thanksgiving! It's just amazing how you've got snow and we haven't?

  2. I like your thrift store finds. I think what you found is called cutwork embroidery. I found one that's made to look like Autumn leaves. Will have to share that sometime. Here's a website I found that talks about cutwork - http://www.white-works.com/cutwork_embroidery.htm. You might want to check out what they say about it.

    Send us some snow, ok? I'm always ready for it. :) Thanks for your comment about the card. Glad you liked it. xxoo


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