Thursday, December 16, 2010

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Driving through a neighboring town on one of our trips to the big city we noticed people in cars or standing in the early morning cold waiting for the Food Pantry to open to get their monthly box of groceries. The line was more than a half mile long and it gets longer each month. Years ago we were standing in line just like these folks. Nothing is more humbling. Dear readers if you see a box in your local stores waiting to be filled with canned goods, please donate. Even one can will help. You will feel so good. Please check the date to make sure the item is not outdated. I would like to see these boxes set out all year. Some people know hunger for months or longer.

Our weather is colder, but nothing like the midwest or east coast. When I go outside in the early morning I can smell the neighbor`s woodstoves. I love it. We may have light snow today. I wouldn`t mind a light dusting. Thank you for visiting. I do appreciate it.


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  1. Catherine,
    You can sure have all the snow in my yard & driveway. Has to be at least 3 feet of it. I do hope you get the snow you want. It is snowing here again.


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