Tuesday, January 4, 2011

About Vintage Gingham

I love vintage gingham but didn`t know a lot about it. Years ago most of my summer shirts were lightweight gingham and you used to be able to buy matching shorts and tops, even gingham bikinis. Gingham was comfortable during the east coast sweltering and humid summers. Yes, that`s a while ago! Here is a link to a brief history. Facts about Gingham.

I prefer my gingham to be true vintage 100% cotton. This fabric has a more supple, much nicer hand than gingham available to us today. Vintage gingham can be found on Ebay and many online fabric shops. I would deal with a seller with a proven background in vintage fabrics. The apron below is home sewn, about 60 years old with silver color rick rack and white chicken scratch embroidery.

Till Later,


  1. I think many fabrics were made bette rin the past! Eveeything we get these days is mad ein China :(

    I love your header too, Catherine! Did you make it? I wanted to do a header with my photos in a row like yours but I couldn't do it in the Picasa program I use.

  2. Pat, I made my header with Picasa 3. It didn`t take me too long to figure out. Unusual for me, LOL.


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