Friday, January 7, 2011

Settling Into January. Cats And A Rooster.

On Monday morning the cliffs were topped with cloudy wisps that were dropping a little snow. We had about three inches last week and it`s just melted today. It`s been very cold, in the teens at night. I`ll be glad to see 50 degrees.

 I was admiring a friends rooster collection and she gifted me this beauty for Christmas. Isn`t he  lovely? It`s just in the last few months I started my rooster collection. My home is eclectic, a retro sort of vintage country style decor. Is there such a thing?

 The kitties below are my elderly sweeties. Princess, my blind calico baby, the black and brown lady is Sam and the orange and white is Spot.  These grand girls are piled on a cozy afghan. This was a colder than normal week and we were bundled in afghans too.

I see that the blizzards are continuing in the east. I hope you all stay warm and healthy. Prayers and good wishes to my blog friends in Queensland.

Till later,


  1. Beautiful kitties....its cool here too but sunny..I think someone may have left a door open as I'm sitting here shivering..have to check on the rooster..what a handsome fellow...

  2. I think the cats have the best idea...stay inside & cuddle :)
    Sounds good to me! Love your rooster ~ the colors are fantastic...also enjoyed the gingham post, very interesting! We'll be sure to pass it on to our customers!!
    Have a nice weekend Catherine!

  3. I think it is cold all over the country! We are expecting more snow on Wednesday..may get a foot of it.
    The rooster was a wonderful gift. He's very colorful.
    Your kitties are so sweet! I only have one and he always wants to cuddle with me :)


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