Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Crochet Pillowcase Trims

Hello! I`ve had a great vacation and I have pretty things to show you. The pictures below are vintage crochet pillowcase trims given to me by a friend.The first set are pinwheels with flower centers. Can you see the petals? They are made with variegated crochet thread. I might sew them onto towels or a sheet.
The second set is is pretty pink circles and picots. They need a tiny bit of repair. The length of the strips is 38", each more than  long enough to fit around an entire pillowcase opening. I photographed them folded. They would be pretty across a sheet, blanket or trim the bottom of a window shade.
I first soaked them a few minutes in warm sudsy water, squeezed the suds through and rinsed the till the water was clear. All came out white and bright. I need to dampen them again and pin them to shape. Oh, the projects I have in mind!

We`re having beautiful weather. Just like spring and I spent more time outside than I did blogging. It`s been a nice break.

Last night`s sunset. The colors are as God displayed them. Splendid!

Till Later,


  1. Pretty pretty! I love finding crocheted trims and use them often..they are even nice to use on cards and such if there are just a few bits....the pink and white one is especially nice..have fun!

  2. Thanks Dani,

    The pink and white is very nice. I have trims stashed in lots of places. When I stumble on them it`s a nice surprise. I never thought about using them on cards. That`s a great idea.

  3. Thanks Nancy, I am having a ton of fun!


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