Saturday, February 19, 2011

Desert Life and Thrifty Finds

Hello! Buckets of rain today, we sure do need it. With the rain comes lots of weeds, bugs and slithery creatures in the spring. The last two years I noticed insects I`d never seen here before and different breeds of birds. All came with the weather changes. Does the colder winter preclude a hotter summer? I hope not. The rain picture is my second story view.

I stopped in one thrift store Wednesday and found this gorgeous Patons Baby Cotton DK (Double Knitting). It is in original wrappers and clean. I bought all seven. This is the softest baby yarn I`ve felt. In the plastic bag is several yards of clean, unused bobbin lace, lengths of vintage eyelet trims and pastel blue satin ribbon with machine lace trim. We were in a hurry so that was my only "thrifty" stop.

Cat owners will understand the final picture. Bring a new chair into the house and kitty breaks it in. A neighbor once told me she loved walking by our home because there was always a cat in the sunny windows.

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  1. Hey....a thrifty find is a thrifty find :) Love the kittys! Yes, we love a house with a cat in the window! Funny story...I was looking out of my three dining room windows and couldn't figure out what huge smudgy line was across the window....did you guess...the cat's nose - all three - all the same spot :) too funny! I don't believe our old cat did that - ha!!

  2. Dani said:

    Great find with the baby yarn..something I will have to be looking for in the coming months...and your kitties are beautiful..we have 3 also and its always nice to come home to greets us at the door most of the time....
    The Pfaltzgraff company hasn't gone out of business..they did have to close 30 stores and regroup but are still here.

  3. Thanks Dani,

    Glad to hear Pfaltzgraff is still around.

  4. The yarn you found is so soft and pretty, Cathy.
    The photo of your cats all sitting on one chair made me smile :)

    Congratualtions ot your son and daughter-in-law on their land purchase! It looks like it has a lot of nice features. I love the thought of wild horses living nearby.

  5. Hi Pat. I love my elderly cats. I sat in that chair once in the two weeks I`ve had it. At least one of the ladies is sleeping on it every day, all day! LOL

  6. Our Boxers break all our new chairs the picture.

    I've been fighting the urge to hit a couple thrift stores for weeks. After seeing your great finds I think I will fight it no more. :)

    I'm sure hoping...and praying...we don't have a hotter summer than usual. If we do we may fry. Our winter has been colder, but it seems it is near its end. Our pear tree is in full bloom and the daffodils are putting on a show. The goldfinches and winter sparrows seem to have moved on. Still I've seen no migratory birds passing we shall see.

    I enjoyed your post. :)


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