Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arizona Pictures, Spring and Lace

March 1st, the snow is melted. I`m glad spring is on the way. Here in the high desert another freeze or two is typical of March. The snowfall this past weekend was beautiful.

There was no wind. The snow just softly drifted down. It is so pretty how it settled in the leaves of the Joshua trees. There was only 2" on the ground, in two days it was gone.

The Creosote. One of the oldest plants in the world, very hardy and we are fortunate to have them here. Sometimes I yearn for daffodils, a crocus or two and roses. I learned long ago to appreciate what Mother Nature put before me. Deserts are alive and lovely. One merely has to open their eyes.

 This is a small lot of lace remnants a neighbor gave me. My favorite is a few yards of cream color lingerie lace probably from a vintage peignoir.

Thank you for stopping by. I`m sending prayers to New Zealand and praying for our own Midwest suffering tornados and floods.

Till later,


  1. We had 2" this past weekend as well....now we have rain and the grass gets greener and greener! Love that picture of the snow on the Joshua tree - the perspective you shot is fantastic! OF course....we are liking the flowering Creosote....and the fact that we learned another tree name from you Catherine!!
    Have a great week!
    Karla & Karrie

  2. hi dear its so nice to see ur pics and the activities u do in that part of the world. im far away from ur place thats in UAE. I am an indian working here. i felt really touched by the prayers u offer for those countries. May GOD bless u and ur family and i will keep u in my prayers. rgds jibimol


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