Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring, Sunset and Beads

Now I can say it is spring! The temperatures are just right, morning walks are great. The smoke in the first picture is from a prescribed burn near Route 66, several miles away. There`s no smoke smell and I like the way the haze changes the look of the mountains.

My husband took this sunset picture earlier this week. The navy and yellow colors are fantastic. I told hubby "the tripod is your friend"! Still a great picture.

This sequin and bead collar was a mystery to me until a beading friend enlightened me. Per my friend it is Italian. The fabric is very nice quality organza, the beads are glass. It is huge, all hand work. I bartered the collar for new area rugs. Thank you to the sweet blog friend who sent me this beauty. If  the information about this collar is wrong, don`t hesitate to correct me.

Speaking of bartering, I`ve made some nice trades recently. I`ll post about my experiences. Thank you for stopping by,


  1. Your photos are beautiful, Cathy! That sunset is divine!

    Thank you for your congratulations on our good news! We are thrilled :)

  2. Boy...that sunset looks like heaven is peaking through! Your collar is beautiful - those beads - hand done, we suppose? Very pretty!


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