Friday, April 22, 2011

Meadview Volunteers Protect Our Desert

 Thank you Meadview volunteers and  Kingman BLM for repairing and blocking illegal roads in our Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark. Damage to the desert lasts many years. ATV`s and other vehicles must stay on established roads. An established road has been in use 20 or 25 years. Going anywhere one pleases causes irreparable damage to our fragile habitat. Some tourists and locals just get on that quad (or truck) and go without thought of the consequences.Thank you volunteers and BLM. Click the link below for more information.

Meadview Volunteers Repair NNL Roads 

Wildflowers in the front yard. I always manage to take pics when the sun has risen more than I like.

What have I been doing the past three weeks? Spent lots of time on Ancestry dot com. My husbands family tree is current on back to 1670. He`s of Scottish / Irish descent. All were coal miners. Uncles as young as 12 working in the mines. 96 of the Robertson`s in our line immigrated to Nova Scotia, took a ship to Boston moving on to Maryland and still working the coal mines. My side is German and Irish. My German great grandfather Anton immigrated to Philadelphia PA in 1889. He was a cigar roller, paper hanger and laborer. Great Grandmother Fredericka raised their large family. My maternal Greats are mostly from Mt. Gilead, Loudon County VA.  Still working on their history. My mother had fond memories of my great grandmother.
I`ve been visiting lots of "frugal" blogs. They are interesting with a variety of ideas. Having a fixed income leads to creativity. I love the challenge! Baking from scratch saves a lot of money and I enjoy it. When I get my new chest freezer I`ll cook larger portions to freeze. Most of my furniture is thrifted. I look for the quality goodies at the thrift stores. Older is better. It`s American made, built solid.  

I am looking for a new, but quality waffle maker. Something that doesn`t stick. I have a beauty from the 1940`s. Not non stick or Teflon and it worked great. Every one we bought in the last 20 years has been a dud. You have to chip the waffle out. Yes we followed instructions. So, if there is a waffle iron you like, please let me know.

Thank you for stopping by.and have a great weekend. Happy Easter. It`s more than chocolate eggs, baskets and a day off.


  1. Isn't Ancestry great? You and I have alot of things income, frugal living, and a love for vintage items...I agree about the furniture much of what is produced today is cheaply and poorly made particle board (Alan calls it crap) Chinese made goods..
    after our garage fire, we needed to get a new waffle iron as ours was destroyed....and we found a great one at Bed Bath and Beyond..its a Cuisinart Belgian. We love waffles!

  2. Love We were on it several years ago and loved every minute of it - our grandmother had a family member that came over on the Mayflower - it is amazing (and addicting) being on there!
    Waffle mine - got it at a garage sale for 50 cents.....I have no idea who made it though :) ha! Love your pics of the spring nice to see!! HAve a nice week Catherine!


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