Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ramblings and A Giveaway!

Hello Everyone. The picture above has been posted before. The plant is Jimson Weed, a very dangerous plant. The flowers are white trumpets. Pretty, but like I said, nothing to mess with. The background is a dry lake area, Red Lake, about 40 miles north of Kingman Arizona. Our weather has been bright and clear with mildly gusting winds. This is my favorite time of year, spring. Planted a lovely Norway Spruce this morning. It won`t grow large as it usually will due to our warmer temps.

My friend Dani at the blog Eagles Wings is having a Prim Giveaway. The winner will receive three embroidered fabric tags. Dani is quite good with needle and thread. Please stop by to see her, you won`t be disappointed.

I have a chicken pot pie in the oven, so I need to run. Nothing like home cooking if you have the time. Have a great week. I pray for the safety of everyone in the path of the storms and tornadoes.



  1. We had wild wether last night with apparently a tornado about 5 mile south of us. It caused a lot of structural damage there. Not sure about tonight.... I think they will go around us. Good 'cause I am so tired from little sleep last night!!
    Great shot of the dry lake bed.... After all the rain here that pic seems odd!!
    Have a Peaceful Evening!

  2. Did not know Jimson weed was a narcotic, although as a kid I remember being told to not bite or taste it; guess that was why.

  3. Can't find the blog Eagles Wings. If you will give the URL, I'll go visit it!

  4. The link is up now. Thanks Nancy.

  5. Hi Catherine, thank you for leaving your compliment on my blog re my Iris patchwork! I haven't visited you for a little while, so I've enjoyed catching up with you and admiring your photos. We heard about the terrible tornadoes over there on our news here in Oz, and I was shocked at the devastation. It seems as though Mother Nature is determined to wipe us off much of the earth lately...They had a tornado in New Zealand today, of all places. Poor people, they are still cleaning up after the earthquake in Christchurch.
    Are you happy about the demise of Bin Laden?


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