Thursday, May 26, 2011

Around The Neighborhood

Hello Friends! Beautiful morning. It`s just before sunrise, birds are singing, the shadows are giving way to light. There`s the promise of a warm day. For first time visitors, our home is in the vast Mohave Desert of Northwest Arizona. You learn quickly each place has a beauty of it`s own.

Today I`m showing you a tiny piece of the neighborhood. This yard is so much fun. All the plants are native and therefore drought tolerant. The bottle tree dresses up a corner in the front yard. What is a bottle tree? A fun place to show off your vintage and antique bottles. Some folks say the trees are lucky. The glass will continue to change color with sun exposure. There are still interesting bottles to be found in this area, tossed aside by prospectors and other visitors years ago.

The next picture is the opposite corner of the front yard. Note the old red pump surrounded by yard art and the Joshua just behind it. This area has a playground built by the owners for their grandchildren. See the swing set and the slide?

The best of the best is in this pic. The owner is a retired cabinet maker. He and his wife built the working Merry Go Round, notice the little engine and the pony? There are more seats not seen in the picture. Yes, it revolves. Do you see the ticket stand? Much work and love went into this and I know their grandchildren loved it. There is much more to see. Next time I`ll take my better camera.

Time to get moving. Husband and animals to feed and I want to walk before it gets hot. I will post more pics soon.

Thank You,


  1. thanks for the the bottle trees...and all the other wonderful things that were made for grandchildren.......has it been getting hot there? Its still been cool here.....but supposed to warm up soon...

  2. Hi Sue,

    Glad you are safe from the storms. Yeah, that is a cool bottle tree.

  3. Love those bottle trees Catherine! What fun you could have with those!

  4. What an adorable play carousel for children to play on! That grand father put a lot of work into it.


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