Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Pyrex Gift To Me

Went thrifting yesterday and found this set of vintage Pyrex dishes, my Mother`s Day gift to me. Sometimes we have to do a little something nice for ourselves don`t we? The Pyrex Primary Colors are my favorites but this lime green color will certainly light up my shelves. No nicks, chips or scratches and no paint loss. I collect Pyrex and use my casseroles and dinnerware frequently.

Mother`s Day will be quiet. Son and daughter in law are in San Diego enjoying the cool weather. It`s already
100+ at their home near the border. You all have a great day!


  1. Hi Catherine! So nice to meet you! Congrats again on your win! Dani does wonderful work!! Love your new dishes!!! My mother use to have these and I always thought they were so pretty! And no that is truly a "find"...

    Happy Mothers day!!!

  2. Can you put your onen cup of coffee to good use in your new Pyrex? Happy Mother's Day!

  3. lovely color of Pyrex...I always liked the look of the smooth finish....and great find! I'll be sending out your tags tomorrow and hope you enjoy them....hugs

  4. Catherine - these dishes are gorgeous - what fun...we're a little jealous of those :) Enjoy your week!!

  5. Thank you ladies. I love vintage Pyrex and was drawn to the lime color.


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