Friday, May 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures Friday

Good Afternoon! Just a few pictures of the simple things that make my heart sing!

In my kitchen window, Desert Poppies in a recycled Starbucks bottle.

Beavertail cactus in the yard.

A planter with yummy herbs found on my porch this morning. A gift from a neighbor. I`ve groomed it since the picture was taken. Love it!

Happy Mother`s Day! May your hearts Always sing!!


  1. ......and sitting in the evening enjoying the rythmn of the embroidery needle adding color to vintage fabric......
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Marilyn you are sooo right. Happy Mother`s Day!

  3. Yes Sue, she is great. She`s a snowbird, coming up from Yuma for our cooler summer temps. They hit 115, we get to 100 or so. I guess that 15 degrees makes a difference.

  4. Hi, Catherine, just wanted to know you've won my giveaway..congratulations!


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