Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Pinwheel Quilt

I found this delightful pinwheel quilt tossed in the bottom of a closet. We sometimes clean up property for folks whose relatives have died and they can`t get here to do it themselves. Most times we are allowed to keep what we want and that`s how I came across this quilt. It was by itself in a trash bag at the bottom of a closet.

Most of the fabric is from the 1950`s. I recognized familiar prints of shirts and blouses. There is a lot of wear at one end. Likely from hands pulling on it. I`m going to sew a cover to protect the fabric so I can use it and not worry about damage.

Hot and humid here. Temps are high 90`s. Not bad for August in the desert. Lots of quail, other birds and small animals visit several times a day for water. I don`t run the coyotes off. They need water like every other creature out here. I do hustle the rattlesnakes out of the yard. King snakes, gopher snakes, anything that is not a pit viper gets to stay. There was a scorpion in the bathroom two weeks ago. Hubby took care of him.

That`s about all. Hope you are all well.


  1. What a beautiful quilt & teriffic find! Hot...Hot...Hot here. Tomorrow thru Friday they said it could reach 100. Thank Goodness for AC!!
    Have a Wonderful Evening!

  2. A scorpion would freak me out! Beautiful quilt.
    Stay cool.

  3. Lovely quilt....its hot here too....but dry..our garden looks bad now, dry and weedy but its just too hot to work out there now....

  4. Very dry here too Dani. The weeds are brittle and my tomatoes are struggling.

  5. If only that quilt could talk! I'd love to hear the stories from each of the fabrics and the stitches that so lovingly connected them. I'm glad your rescued it and will give it new life, Catherine.

    I would not mind seeing all your yard critters except for the snakes and scorpions!

  6. We are extra careful when we step outside. We had a snake in the dog run three days ago.


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