Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doilies For Charity

Every year a neighbor has a Festival to raise money for charity. I volunteered to wash donated doilies for one of the booths. I don`t have a lot of room to dry doilies so they were scattered everywhere. On the chest freezer, laying across ladders outside, stretched across picnic tables in the sun, every bit of space available. The lot below is half what I cleaned. All were soaked in an oxygen cleaner and then hand washed and pinned to shape. This was a bunch of work. Doily frenzy! No starch because it attracts bugs here.

The red and white group to the right is all pot holders.   They are brighter. There were deep golden stains that faded but are not gone.  The pile on the left is mostly luncheon sets.

Vintage White and Ecru Table Runner. The chains between the circles are ecru  and you can see the final row is ecru.   I need to dampen this again and pin it to shape.

Quaker Lace Tablecloth with a large coffee stain. This is mine. I adore Quaker Lace! I soaked this in the oxygen cleaner and the stain was removed. This is an older cloth, nice heavy cotton. The pattern number has worn off the label. I`ll have to research the pattern name.

I use my vintage tablecloths daily. What is the point of putting them in a box or closet? I like the feel of the 40`s or 50`s on my tables and most of my cloths are machine washable.

Sending prayers to all folks with flood damage. Bless you all.

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