Friday, August 5, 2011

The End Of Summer

I like August but it is not quite the end of summer here. The air is drier today, the very early morning still warm. In September the weather cools and the vegetable gardens come back to their spring zest. It rained Monday dropping the temperature about 15 degrees. I took this picture about 6 a:m, still dark with clouds and a misting rain.

We went to Kingman Tuesday to do our shopping. Thank goodness for air conditioning! This is Stockton Hill Road going towards town. A more pleasant drive than the interstate I 93. Up until a few years ago this was a dirt road. Oh the dust in the summer! In this area all the way to Kingman there are ghost towns far off the road, old silver and gold  mines dating from the early 1800`s into the twentieth century. The Indians developed  turquoise mines here  centuries ago. You can still buy rough Kingman turquoise and jewelry at the tourist shops in the area. There is still lots of small time gold prospecting here too. This was a beautiful morning. You can see storm clouds building in that gorgeous blue sky.

On the way home, more clouds and it did rain that afternoon. Miles and miles of open range, no traffic, no smog. Cows, sometimes antelope and snakes wander through.

               A neighbor dropped by with squash and zucchini yesterday. I froze some this morning.

That sums up my week. There`s a wildfire burning on the cliffs behind and above us. It`s a lightening caused fire, about 3,500 combined acres on BLM land and in Grand Canyon National Park. Helicopters will be assisting the firefighters today. No homes are in danger and so far no injuries. That`s all for now,


  1. It's so odd to see shots of flat land with no trees after living here for so long! But the desert has a beauty all it's own.

  2. I would like to see a tree once in a while, LOL!

  3. Beautiful the desert...guess I am just a desert rat...its been cooler in the mornings here too...I think our weather is very similar.

  4. Beautiful photos ..... We are finally cooler here & it rained all day yesterday with the temps barely in the 60's. It was so nice. Rain tonight & for the next few days. Boy, do we need it but not as bad as some.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  5. I would like a little more rain. You have a nice weekend too.

  6. Hi Dani. Our weather does seem to be similar. Can`t wait till Fall.


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