Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun, Rain and HEAT!

I have been trying to keep cool the last few weeks. It`s been very hot, between 101 and 107 degrees F. There was humidity yesterday making it all the more miserable. We had afternoon showers and it cooled off nicely. Phoenix was 117 Thursday. We are usually 10 degrees cooler because of our higher altitude.

Lovely thought but I would have been in one of those tents tearing off a couple layers of clothes and the corset!

This is a double rainbow on Thursday afternoon this week. Just a few drops of rain and a bit of cool breezes.
Double Rainbow Thursday August 25 2011

Warm again today. I am soaking a Quaker lace tablecloth and several dingy doilies today in a Dollar Store oxygen cleaner. Works as good as Oxyclean for a lot less money. I`ll post those pictures Monday. I collect Quaker lace tablecloths and use them. They have a quaint beauty and are well made.

This is Friday afternoons double rainbow. There were showers with big rain drops, thunder, lightening and cool air. Loved it!
Double rainbow Friday 26 August.
Prayers for all you folks on the east coast. I`m calling my sister in Pennsylvania soon as I finish here. Thanks for visiting,

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