Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lake Mead City and First Snow

We had heavy rain Friday afternoon and through the night with large snow flakes that melted as they hit the ground. I put the dogs out for a few minutes, the snow quickly covering their backs. I was surprised to see the snow level dropped to about 4,000 feet covering the cliffs. Nice way to start the day except the car was encased in ice and it  was damp, freezing cold. This was our first snow this Fall.

The Grand Wash Cliffs are about 6,000 feet high. Our weather is fairly mild. The realtors will tell you the summer highs are about 90 to 100. That`s close but we sometimes have temps as high as 105. It`s a dry heat, little humidity which is a blessing in mid summer. Winters are cold. Not the 40 to 60 degrees those cute little real estate brochures tell you. We`ve been here when temps hit 11 below zero several years ago. A few degrees below zero is not unheard of, 20 to 40 is common.

The mail box row slowly gets a little longer. Some boxes have been there 20 and 30 years. Below is the picture of where we and other locals shop.

This is Roger`s Market in Lake Mead City. It is just a mile or so north of the Skywalk turn off. The owners are Ron and Linda Rogers and they are very helpful to tourists concerning local information and setting them on the right path to their destinations. This is a wonderful grocery store for locals too. If you need it they usually have it. Linda is an excellent knitter as well. I will post pictures of these folks when I get permission to do so.

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