Thursday, January 26, 2012

California Ballot Initiative To Require Labeling Of GMO`s

GMO food is everywhere now and I wanted to post this important information. What affects California will affect us all. They supply a major portion of the fruit and vegetables we buy in our supermarkets. Californians are putting forth a ballot initiative that will hopefully appear on the November 2012 ballot requiring labeling of the GMO foods in their markets. This is a link to Label GMO`s where there is more information. The FDA does not require DNA altered product to be labeled. Monsanto says that the public doesn`t have a need to know. Well, I sure as heck want to know what I`m purchasing and feeding my family. If Californian`s succeed this will likely go nationwide. I signed the petition yesterday.

Next you might want to learn about GMO corn that produces it`s own pesticide. Here is the link GMO Corm. This corn is regulated by the EPA as a pesticide. Remember Agent Orange?

As consumers we have to make a real effort to stay on top of issues concerning our food supply, among other things. It`s getting difficult to buy raw milk and some organic sellers have had a rough time with the USDA. It`s a changing world.


  1. I am aware of this "genetic playing" & I think it is poision to us all!!
    Pesticides are in everything along with hormones..... We will soon have a life expectancy of 30.

  2. It's a concern that this one company, Monsanto, has this much control over what hits our food shelves, fresh and otherwise. Sure it's revolutionizing the growing phase, but what's it doing to the human body?

  3. I agree. I don`t want my food altered by plant and animal DNA. Too late for that now.

  4. For all the reasons listed in the above comments and post, I am growing as much of my own food as possible. Our goal is to move and get some land. Monsanto and our government are frightening.

  5. Hi Brenda,
    80% of grocery store foods are genetically modified. It`s frightening and the USDA doesn`t care. It`s all about dollars. We are growing vegetables this year again and eliminating corn from our diet. We`re building a green house and plan to use it by winter. Many of my neighbors are now vegan or vegetarian including me.


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