Monday, January 9, 2012

What I`ve Been Doing.

Hello again. I planned to be gone till 1 February but I have my house in order now. There has been a lot going on in my family and as we all know family comes first. My sewing room is a jumble. It`s like a safari making my way to the sewing table.

I took a bunch of things to the thrift shop and of course came home with as much as I dropped off. My neighbor gave me a box of goodies to look through and I acquired a nice stash of vintage sheets and pillowcases. I haven`t seen Fruit Of  The Loom pillowcases for years. Everything is in the wash. I`ll take pictures when things are clean. I can barely see the top of my sewing machine due to works in progress and UFO`s. Looking through my plastic bins was like Christmas. Three shopping bags cut and pinned, ready to sew. One bib apron ready to sew, bits and pieces for a crazy quilt and quilt blocks that I have now sewn together. My best find at a yard sale was a bucket of wooden clothes pins for .50 cents. I had Martha Stewart plastic clothes pins that lasted one summer. They are not a "good thing" in intense sun and high temps. Hey Martha, make them desert proof!  I entered an embroidery challenge and that is a lot of fun. Click the TAST logo in the sidebar.

Looks like our local Salvation Army has reduced their hours.Six months ago they were running out of money. No large middle class to support these organizations anymore. We donate money when we can. Hopefully there will be a fresh face in the White House after the election and some things will change.

The picture below is my house plants enjoying the 70 degree heat wave last week. I like to keep them on the porch because my cats think they are salad.

There`s a small Norfolk Pine in the front, difficult to see. The tall cutting in the rear is lilac.

Bye for now,


  1. Hi Ya!!
    Everything looks so nice & warm!! Not really bad here but a storm in on the way for Wed. night.
    Been doing some baby crochet & that is about it!!
    Will contact you the end of the week!! Take Care & enjoy the 70's!!

  2. MY cats think my plants are portable litter boxes!!

  3. Hi Maria! I had that "litter box"problem when my cats were younger. Now they gnaw on anything green.

  4. Your blog got a makeover too, looks good!! Love the header! I'm ready for spring!

  5. I am ready for Spring too Sue. We`ve had a mild winter. I hope it keeps up.


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