Thursday, February 2, 2012

That Vintage Tupperware and more.

Hello! It`s been busy, busy around the ol` homestead. Finally here is an organized picture of some of the Tupperware my neighbor gave me. My favorite pieces are a container large enough to hold a turkey or roast and the FridgeSmart vegetable crisper. Not in the photo is at least three dozen extra lids for the old white/clear Tupperware our grandmother`s and mom`s had in their kitchens. Okay, I had (have) them too! There are maybe another half dozen of the old containers still packed away. Most are bent out of round and won`t hold a good seal. I am hoping to find someone who needs extra lids. Maybe I`ll donate them to the thrift store.

Where have I been the last week or so? The weather was great, till today anyway, and I was doing much needed yard work, cleaning up old weeds and brush, removing old lumber and moving hubby`s tools before snake season gets here. They can hide in the smallest places. The best part was sitting in a comfy chair outside with a cup of tea when all was done. I like listening to the quiet. When you really listen the "quiet" holds bird songs, breezes blowing through the Joshua`s and a neighbor`s truck coming up the dusty road. The things I tune out are the  tour planes, helicopters and the occasional lost tourist looking for the Skywalk who somehow finds my house down a labyrinth of dirt roads, miles away from the the huge sign that declares "Skywalk Turn Here". One day there were four Japanese tourists peeking in our windows. That was a first but they were very nice.

My other pre-occupation is that my son is having spinal fusion surgery next week. After miserable pain the last few years he had to retire from his federal  firefighting job. He was a battalion chief in southern Arizona.  His L 5 vertebrae never fused to the pelvis.  The surgeon said it was spina bifida that hadn`t progressed. Apparently had I not had a good prenatal diet things could have been worse. Fire fighting is hard work and 15 years of stress on the body took a toll. This is a common surgery today and he has a great surgeon.  My fantastic daughter in law will take good care of him at home.

Chris and Catie at their mountain property

That`s all for now. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Prayers for your son ....
    I wish we had quiet here. The EPA has set up shop here close to our house. They are testing the water in nearly 100 wells that the gas drilling has destroyed. So noisy with all the generators & traffic in & out .... I so long for quiet!! Maybe when we retire we can find some because this gas drilling is only going to get worse here.

  2. So funny that people were peeking into your windows!

    I have that same set of Tupperware containers (mine are yellow) that you show in the top left picture. And they are still holding brown sugar, rice, and powdered sugar after all these years.

    Also interesting about the spina bifida; we have lots in common, eh? Hope his surgery goes well.

  3. I wish your son the best. I had back surgery years ago. Very successful. It is amazing what doctors can do. My prayers are with him.

  4. Best of luck to your son, Cathy - I do hope the operation is successful.
    Gosh that Tupperware looks familiar - I have many of those pieces right now in my pantry! Funny how something like that is the same in Australia as it was in the USA.

  5. Tupperware seems to last forever.

    Thank you for the kind thoughts.

  6. Cathy, I've heard that the out-of-round containers can be revitalized by a very very hot soak or a run through the dishwasher -- while they are still hot put the lids on. Sometimes the very old plastic will break because plastics do age. I also have those containers, plus the canister set, in a nice bright navy! Good wishes for your son. Today I had an epidural cortisone injection at L4-L5 hoping to avoid/postpone future surgery.


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