Thursday, March 29, 2012

About Tomatoes, Gardening and Desert Life.

Hi again everyone and welcome. I think Spring is here to stay. The days and nights are warmer. No need for electric heaters or the propane stove that heats the first level of our home. Money used for fuel is now spent on garden supplies, herbs and vegetables. My neighbor who blesses us with free eggs gave me three tomato plants. I repotted them and they are doing great. It`s been very windy and trying to keep them in the sun yet staying out of the wind is a challenge. I have a south facing porch that catches morning and early afternoon sun, very helpful. The thin tall plant is Bite Size Sweetie. The other two are Patio`s. Both do well in pots.
Tomatoes 2012. Sweeties and Patio`s.
It`s been a hectic couple of weeks. Last weekend we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. It was great fun! I had jury duty a week ago. It was a 92 mile one way drive. Glad I didn`t have to drive everyday for the two week trial. The judge was great. This week my elderly dogs have been ill and they are now feeling better after much nursing. Hand feeding and hydrating with a homemade electrolyte solution. No dyes or chemical additives. They are Golden Labs almost 15 years old. I haven`t had much time for making crazy quilt blocks. I should have a picture by Saturday.

Lots of yard work to do. So many weeds after our wet winter. Wildflowers are starting to bloom too. Doves are again nesting in one of our sheds. They are Collared Doves and their nests are constructed of  poop and thin weed stalks. A real mess. One on a nest so far. We`ll leave them alone. Yesterday we saw a Golden Eagle on our way to town. He was feasting on road kill with the vultures. Eagles are not unusual here.

I have to add something here, addressing those of you who plan to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It`s in my area. There have been several traffic deaths on Diamond Bar Road , the road to the Skywalk.  The latest on Tuesday this week. Irish tourists.  Most accidents are driver error. Some of the tour buses are not safe. The last one catching fire about two weeks ago. Grand Canyon South Rim is in northern Arizona, much prettier, more to see and a lot cheaper. It is run by the National Park Service. I have nothing to gain by posting this except maybe some of you will stay safe. This is high tourist time now.  Check out the Skywalk reviews before you make your trip. The Indians do their best to keep things safe, but they can`t control how people drive. Think about it.



  1. Cathy, those tomatoes look so healthy. I put out the geraniums two days ago alongside the fence. Then horrific winds came up and temps got down into the 40's, so don't know if they will survive now.

    Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! and thanks for checking in on me ;O)

    1. Hi Nancy,

      The tomatoes are from heirloom seeds and so far they are great. We had high winds too. I am constantly moving the tomatoes away from the wind.

      Yep. I`m always peeking at your blog. I

  2. Congratulations on your 40th! we're right behind 38 to go to the Grand Canyon...have never been..its on my bucket list....we've been working on our garden and yard to get it done before the hot season comes, huh? hope your tomatoes do well in the pots....

    1. The Grand Canyon is the best. I visited the Canyon a lot when my son was a firefighter up there. It literally takes your breath away. Lots of deer and elk to see. I think the condors are still there too.

      I`ll need bigger pots soon. The tomatoes do well. They are potted so I can move them out of the wind, the afternoon sun and the range cattle. Love your garden.

  3. Happy anniversary!

    I've never been to your part of the country...except an airport. How I'd love to visit sometime and see the wonderous sights.

    I'm ashamed to say I've not put the first vegetable plant out this year. It's been so wet here...your tomato plants look really good.

    oxo Judy


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