Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flowers and Dust

It`s very warm with high winds which means high fire danger due to low humidity. The usual spring weather.  Glad I closed the windows at home before we left to go shopping. Notice the dust. If you can`t handle dust this is not the place for you.
dust stirred by  wind on the dry lake bed

 I walked around my yard and took pictures of new flowers getting their start. The yellow desert marigold is native, hardy, used to the harsh conditions. They are perennials, my no work instant garden flowers.  My rosemary is beautiful with blue flowers. Smells so good. The lilacs are this years blooms. Their beauty and fragrance make the frequent watering worthwhile.
Desert Marigold

My 20 Year Old  Rosemary

Behind the lilac is some of  the husband`s gold prospecting equipment. It`s  what we call a recirculator. Water is pumped through the sluice box, recycled through the machine, washing out the lighter gravels and leaving the gold behind. The neighbor thinks we are nuts playing in muddy water and we are happy to keep them amused. We use metal detectors too. Some days you make a little money. Other days you just get exercise and that`s why they call it prospecting. Thanks for visiting. Till later,


  1. I remember those Nevada dust devils all to well! Amazing you get Lilacs to grow so well there, just lovely!

  2. Spring has arrived! Your rosemary bush is gorgeous, too.

    Snow is expected here over the weekend...sigh. Spring soon!

  3. Your Rosemary is lovely!! Cool here today .... Yesterday got too hot too quick!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!


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