Monday, June 4, 2012

Arizona Pictures and a little chat

Coconino Plateau, Yavapai County Arizona. Dormant volcano in background.

Grand Canyon South Rim. Bright Angel Trail.
A September Sunset

Thought I`d start today`s post with a few pretty Arizona pictures. I hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. Memorial Day here in the States to honor our military deceased. We stayed home, away from tourist traffic. I`ve been sewing quilt blocks and will show you pictures during the Red, White, Blue Blog Hop which starts 1 July. My day to display my creations is 10 July. It`s been fun.

 The weather has been very hot,114 in Yuma at my son`s home, finally cooling today.  I`m ready for cooler weather and maybe rain. My dogs are shedding like crazy. My yard looks like it`s covered in snow after I brush them. The birds love all that hair for their nests. That`s all for today!

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  1. Thanks Sue. You are a pretty good picture taker too. You do REAL good!

  2. Sounds like the AZ temps are already searing. Poor dogs and their fur making them too they love it when you brush them and they lose some fur.

    Good thing you can stay inside during the afternoons and get ready for your patriotic show ... Have fun with your squares.

  3. Beautiful pictures Cate! I can only imagine all of the dog hair that comes with 100+ weather! When we had our dog, that is one thing I loved to do....sit and brush her, then put her hair in a big old flower pot so it didn't float all over town! The birds did love it ~ I can only imagine what a lovely soft nest it made :) Enjoy your week!!

  4. Lovely pictures, as always!

    We stayed home Memorial Day, too. It seems the wisest thing to do these days.

    I look forward to seeing your quilting creation.

    oxo Judy

  5. How close do you live to the Grand Canyon?? Such a different look from where I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia but now live in the Deep South...North Alabama.
    Love your pictures
    Gmama Jane


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