Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fire, Fire Everywhere

It`s all about fire today. This fire is on the Hualapai Reservation about 10 to 15 miles from their airport. There is talk about evacuating the Skywalk. The picture was taken from my front yard.
The fire has been burning since late yesterday.
The fire has grown quickly.

We have friends in Colorado Springs, Durango, Golden, Boulder and other places threatened. We were stationed at the Air Force Academy a couple of years. We still call Colorado "home". Our hearts are breaking for evacuees, the homes destroyed and the beauty lost. I pray for the safety of the firefighters. You really have no idea what they endure unless you have been there or have a family member who walked into the flames. I praise all of them.

My next post, 10 July, I will show pictures of my blocks for the Red, White, Blue Blog Hop. The link is in the Sidebar. I have also been busy sewing a variety of items for our local winter craft show. I`m one of those people that has to start real early. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Catherine! I haven't been by your blog for a while so I was catching up and read this post. I used to live in Briargate which is near the Air Force Academy. My oldest went to kindergarten at the base school. We have friends that still live in the neighborhood. The fires came frighteningly close to our old house. So tragic and heart wrenching!


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