Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Day On The Coconino Plateau

Happy Fourth Of July! Let us remember the hard work of early American citizens that gave birth to our nation, and I thank  military personnel today who gave and continue to give so much to keep us safe.

We celebrated early, spending a day with our son and daughter in law at their high country property near Williams, AZ. My daughter in law cooked a beautiful lunch outdoors in her dutch oven. I didn`t think to take a picture. It was delicious! We hiked, found beautiful scenery and quiet places.

This was a major trade route for the Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai and other tribes . There are signs they used the area heavily. Nearby Grand Canyon was no stranger to the Indians. They  lead the Spanish to Grand Canyon who thought the area was useless. Gold was the Spanish goal.

An ancient cedar, it`s roots wrapped around and under the boulders. There are also beautiful young pines. New growth after fire.

My son and daughter in law. Part of their land is covered with huge rocks and open spaces. There are also tightly packed mature, tall cedars and young pines..

A building built in the ground.  The nails are modern so it`s not real old. It was well built. The walls are still holding the dirt back.

This beautiful stone building is on the Historic Register. The land was a pig farm. The building has not been torn to pieces which is wonderful. My son, DIL and husband looking around.

Me and hubby. Dusty, sunburned, windblown and very happy. We had so much fun.

The kids live south of us on the border, we live in the northern desert. We appreciated the cooler weather and the light rain. Even opened the truck windows so we could feel the rain and enjoy the fresh smell. There were lots of deer and elk. It was a beautiful day.

Thank you for visiting and have a safe happy holiday!



  1. I enjoyed my visit, Catherine. Your pictures are always a feast for my eyes...I've never been out your way.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and letting me know you were there. As always, I appreciate you!

    Happy 4th to you and yours.


  2. Thank you Judy! I appreciate you too!

  3. Good heavens. I was going to make a comment on your nice block, but I saw that there were 50 is a bit less crowded here..My parents worked at Luke AFB, I grew up in Phoenix, did undergrad work at ASU with a summer in Flagstaff. I am trying to wrap my mind around where you are. I get the Grand Canyon part, but somehow I do not get the northern desert part. I think mountains. Anyway, finding your blog on the July 4th posts, your pictures of Arizona remind me of growing up...very nice

  4. I loved your blocks too....and I live in the s.e. corner near the border. Have been up your way and it is equally nice up there. :-)
    Diane P


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