Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blog Hops and Gifted Fabric

Hello!  The Dots on Dots Blog Hop has ended. It was fun seeing  the blocks of the many 
participants. The fellowship that blooms between these quilters and artists is amazing. The next Hop coming up very soon is Leafs Me Happy sponsored by Madam Samm and hosted by Cherry Blossoms. I am not a participant, but I am taking part in the Wicked Blog Hop later this month.

The fabric in the pictures below was given to me by a neighbor! Happy Day! Some is scraps, some is yardage. More to play with.

How about those Wright`s pink satin trims?   They have that romantic look of 1930`3 - 1940`s boudoirs. Born after 1960? Boudoir is a bedroom or ladies sitting room.

Yesterday was shopping day.  We had to replace our 20 year old Kenmore microwave. Gave it our son 17 years ago and we used it this past year. Our new micro will probably last two years. We drove the back roads to Kingman avoiding the interstate with it`s Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Skywalk traffic. The weather was beautiful.

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate It!


  1. 20 yr. for that microwave and a new one lasts very little time. That reminded me of our refrigerator we bought this year after 21 yr of service from the old one. The salesman at Lowe's said this new fridge would probably last four years. Sign, the times are a changin'.

  2. Our new fridge lasted four years. That 35 year old GE I use everyday, is still going strong. It was a freebie from a neighbor a few years ago. We need to replace the fan near the compressor. Probably eats electric but it is reliable.

  3. I remember my mom's "Frigidaire" that she got when my sister was born - it lasted until my sister was grown, married, and had kids of her own! blessings, marlene

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