Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday, Monday and Arizona Pictures

Labor Day. Lots of tourists on their way to the lake and a beautiful sunrise to greet them. Deep gold, red and blue. It changes so fast.

I hope to do lots of sewing, making blocks for my DIL and son`s new quilt. No pictures yet. The clutch release on my vintage Kenmore froze, so I am using Old Reliable for a few days.

She`s a 3/4 size machine with a fabulous straight stitch. Weighs a ton and you can feel the quality of the metal gears. My husband made the box it sits on. This Singer normally sits on a plastic box. Mine is teal green. It is cracked so hubby made up the wood base. The Spartan`s don`t come with a case. Just that plastic box. If you find one with a case it is aftermarket. I am looking for a cabinet to sit her in but so far no luck because of the small size. I still love her ( if you can love a sewing machine)! I know how to unfreeze the clutch on the Kenmore and I hope to fix that today.

The weather is cooler, maybe rain this afternoon. No flash flooding for us so far. I wish you all a great day.



  1. Heh, I visit my sister in Peoria in 2006 and I took lots of great photos and then on the 2nd to last day I fell and broke my camera! Dang, I love the photos of the Mojave desert. Thanks for dropping by my Sashiko Sockeye Bowls posting.

  2. Beautiful photos and wonderful old machine! I bet it's a regular workhorse.

  3. Hi Cathy: Thanks for dropping by. I have an old Singer 99. I'll have to get it out and photograph it sometime. It's a model used in schools for years during the 50's and is electric. Yes, it also has a fantastic straight stitch. The throat plate NEVER eats my quilt blocks. Aren't we lucky? Cheers.


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