Saturday, September 15, 2012

Too Many Storms!

I haven`t been online much the past couple of weeks. We had more storms with tremendous lightening almost daily. For the second time lightening hit the phone distribution box about a mile from here and lightening flowed through most of the phones lines in our square mile area. The phone jack in one of our bedrooms was blown out of the wall, splitting the cover and disintegrating the parts inside the box. There was no fire but we could smell the melted wires and plastic. My cat was sleeping on the table where the phone sat. She is okay but her feet never hit the floor as she fled from the noise and flash. Poor baby. The fuses on the power poles on our street were blown. So I was offline a few days. When I hear thunder I now unplug the phones, modem, computer and TV. I was smart enough to unplug the phone and modem before the last storm hit. I haven`t had much time to sew with the electric being off during the storms.

These are pictures I took about two weeks ago showing the really BRIGHT yellow flowers. I know the colors are garish but that`s the color of the plants.  The Music Mountains and the dry lake bed, Red Lake are in the background.

This picture I call "Bliss". This is my son`s dog sleeping soundly. She`s a Pitbull, deaf  and stays in the yard except when my son walks her on her leash. She is very sweet. I wish I slept as well.

That`s all for today. It`s  DH`s birthday and we are going to have a splendid day. Wishing you all the best.
If you are a praying person please remember the families of our fellow American`s killed in Libya.

Till later,


  1. Sweet Doggie! Annnd.... Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

    So you've been having all the nasty parts of the storms. Wow, and then some! Glad there were no fires and no one was ON the phone when you got zapped. We just had clouds and humidity, the only good part was that my hair curled up nicely.

  2. wow..I didn't realize that electrical problem could happen..glad you're ok...the storms have come through here too but no rain for the most part, lots of lightening and thunder though. It started one small fire which was put out quickly. Beautiful flowers!

  3. Your poor kitty; that scare must have used up one of her lives...hope she has forgotten about it by now. And hope the hubby had a marvelous birthday.!

  4. i do that to , we are retired and can't afford to replace my computer or sewing machine

  5. Hi Cathy, such a surprise to see you reply to my post within minutes of me posting it! I know you love where you live too, but those storms must spook you some, not to mention poor puss!

  6. Wow -- that must have been powerful lighting storm, Catherine! I'm sure I'll see the same in Colorado where I will be living at a higher elevation. I'm glad you didn't lose your electronics. We are trying to sell our brooklyn house before we can move to CO. We did close on the house there, so everything is ready when we are ! Say a prayer for us, please, that all goes well--thanks!


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