Thursday, October 25, 2012

On My Design Wall

It`s really my design desk.  I do have a design wall, a piece of flannel, it works great but my large dog took a liking to it as well and carried it off to his bed. No damage to the blocks. I`m looking for an out of reach place to put it back up. 

Star Blocks

These blocks are part of the quilt for my DIL. I have more to show but so far the light is not the greatest and it`s too windy outside for pictures. My favorite is the sunflower block and the butterfly block  next to it.  The fabrics are part of a huge stash of remnants  a neighbor gave me a few weeks back. The star on the left bottom is a Walmart fat quarter another friend bought to me. Not the greatest quality but I like the bright colors.

I sew for one or two hours a day. So much going on here with pets and winterizing the house. I am hoping for a mild winter. In the desert you never know. Last night we were in the mid 30`s, I`ll be moving and covering tomato plants today. Soon as I finish this post I`m going for my walk. Very cold wind earlier.  In two weeks my son will learn if they have to redo the hardware in his broken back. A second surgery is a lot more intensive. I`ve prayed about it and know he`s in God`s hands.

Time for me to step away from the computer. I wish you all a wonderful day!

My son at work when he was Battalion Chief for BLM in Yuma. That`s him in the bed of the truck.



  1. Best Wishes to your son. I've had lived with a broken back,too, so I'll remember him in my prayers.

    I loved the wonky Log cabin block, and thanks for the link. It is very cute!

  2. Just a quick stop by .... Love all the quilts & your blocks are lovely!! Prayers for your son....
    We are getting ready for the BIG storm. The hatches are all battened down & the pantry is full & we have plenty of gas for the generator. Let'er rip!!
    I will write later....

  3. The quilt will be gorgeous! Fun.

    Hope your son does well in his furthering recovery. I will send prayers yours (and his) way.

  4. hi let us know when you are up...I beleive today is your wicked day lol

  5. The quilt bloks look beautful! I hope your son gets good medical news and will be well.

    We were very fortunate to escape the hurricane with so little damage. It was a terrifying experience!

  6. I love those blocks; I never thought of using such a variety of fabric for the centre with a white background - looks fabulous! I'm so sorry to hear your son might need more surgery. Why is it that the people who do so much for the community are often the ones who suffer the most? Best of luck whichever way he has to go.


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