Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilt Show Pictures

Hello again! In my last post I shared pictures I took at the local quilt show hosted at the Mohave Museum Of History and Arts. This is a great little museum on Route 66 as it passes thru Kingman, Az. Here are the last of the pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Quilt Of Valor

Applique Dresses

There was more to this but had no room to take a good picture!  The colors are true. This was one of my favorites.

Nice points! A quilter loves those words!

We had a nice time. I need to get hubby going so we can pick up our mail. It`s cooler today and looks like rain tonight. Can`t believe it`s almost the middle of October. Sorry about this font again. I keep changing to the larger size I want, but Blogger isn`t cooperating. Thank you for visiting,



  1. That cactus quilt is gorgeous (as they all are). Glad you got to see them and take pictures.

  2. I love visiting quilt shows via my arm chair. Thanks for sharing. Always inspiring to see the work of so many talented quilters.


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