Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Really Happens In My House!

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Bright Angel Trail. Grand Canyon

It`s been a busy month making Christmas presents and getting the house ready for winter. In December  my son and DIL celebrate their anniversary, her birthday  and of course Christmas. All in the same week. Goodness!

I made flannel curtains to go behind the drapes fitting them close to the glass. We bought mylar space space blankets (emergency blankets) for some windows because they do a great job reflecting heat back into the rooms.  I hang them with the flannel curtains.

We are ready for Thanksgiving. Turkeys are cheap here, but the vegetables, fresh fruit and dairy product prices are rising fast! Got some great deals on cranberry sauce. I made a loaf of bread in the ol` bread machine yesterday to mix with  the homemade cornbread in our dressing. What a mess! This is the first time it came out looking like a sponge. Yes sir! I figure the top fell in because of too much water and you could hammer nails with the crust. I am not new to bread machines but I screwed up somewhere. I am going to cut off the crusts, let what`s left of the bread dry in the oven. There`s enough to mix with the cornbread. My husband does the holiday cooking . All I have to do is enjoy the smell!

My old dogs, 15 years, are sleeping most of the day. They enjoy the cool weather. My equally old cats have always slept most of the day  and I have started taking half hour naps in the afternoon. I see a pattern here. My son had positive news from his surgeon. One of the  bone grafts in his back has grown nicely. The other, at the sacrum, has not. Because half the past surgery was effective  he will use an electronic bone growth stimulator to stimulate growth at the slow growing graft. Sure beats surgery. In two months the progress will be checked and they`ll decide what to do.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your visits. Bless you all!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving from my blog to yours!! lol

  2. Sometimes bread just does that eh? Sounds like everyone at your place is in the mood for a big meal.

    Glad your son is doing better.

    My husband is the T'day cook, too. Yea! Have a great wek.

  3. You have a great week too Nancy!

  4. I sure wish my husband did the cooking. :) He's best at the eating! blessings, marlene


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