Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quilting Secrets Blog Hop Coming Soon!

A reminder that the Quilting Secrets Blog Hop starts Monday, January 31st. A seven day hop where seven experienced quilting bloggers will let us in on their quilting secrets. I`ll be there! Come join us. Thank you Mrs Pickles for your great idea!

mrs pickles garden

Our Christmas was very nice. My son and daughter in law sent us the greatest box of homemade cookies. We like gifts from the heart. Thank you Chris and Catie! No pictures, cookies eaten.

Very cold  at night. In the low 20`s. Jack put a light next to the water pump in the water shed to keep things from freezing. We haul our water. There`s a 2,000 gallon tank in the shed. The tank doesn`t freeze but sometimes the pump will. I still keep water set aside for the way below zero nights to flush toilets and I set pans on the stove for cooking. We did get to -11 some years ago. We were living in our tent camper at the time and had no clue how cold it really was. A  few days later when it warmed up frozen pipes in the homes down the road broke and the streets were covered in water. Most of the houses were owned by snowbirds and they didn`t know till spring what happened unless there was a friend watching the house. It was a mess.

Hope I see you at the Hop. Happy new Year!



  1. Happy New Year, Cathy! Health and happiness in 2013!

    1. Thank you Pat! I expect you will be moving soon?


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