Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Little Sewing and Fabric Shops I Like

Another beautiful spring day. Put my clothes on the line this morning to dry in fresh air and sunshine! I sewed the sides of two Nancy Drew Bags. The last of my Charm Packs.  One bag for my niece and one for my sweet daughter in law. Pictures when they are finished. DIL works full time and still managed to get herself on the Dean`s List this spring.

A vintage tablecloth I might decide to repair. It`s got several  holes. It sure does brighten the kitchen.

I shopped a few online fabric shops and I will shop all of them again. I bought fabric at Jane`s Fabrics on Etsy . It was good quality with a nice hand. And reasonably priced.. Shipping was fast with great customer service.

I bought my Nancy Drew Charm Squares at Quilt Taffy. Again, good customer service and a quality product. I purchased Nancy Drew yardage at Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop. Nice product, great shipping and fabulous customer service. I have nothing to gain by showcasing these wonderful shops. I just wanted to let everyone know about them.

Just for the heck of it. The white rocks in the wheel barrow tell hubby (the headless creature) how many buckets of dirt he runs. Sort of a prospectors abacus. This day he brought the dirt home to run it through the recirculating equipment. The buckets are dumped at the end he is standing, Water is pumped through the sluice box washing the lighter dirt down into a tub, leaving the heavy gold in the sluice box. There is lots of clay in the water which is very hard on the hands and it stains clothes. I don`t do the wet stuff anymore. I metal detect till the snakes make an appearance. Then I`m gone till winter. That`s what sewing rooms are for haha!

Time to start supper. Thank you for visiting.

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