Saturday, March 16, 2013

It`s Lilac Time!

The Nancy Drew Blog Hop is over. The participants created fantastic projects that can be viewed  at  Madame Samm`s Pinterest Blog Hop Boards.

The next Hop coming up is Stitch Me Up. It starts Wednesday, March 20. I believe my day is March 28 and I am very excited.  Embroidery, applique, who knows what the ladies will come up with. Click the picture below for more information.

Spring is really here! The lilacs are in bud and should bloom in a few days. How about that desert yard! This is high desert so there is vegetation. Joshua`s , wild sage, arugula growing everywhere and crab grass. Can`t get away from crab grass. Temperatures are  80 degrees plus. Windows open and ceiling fans on. Love it!

I laid under the Joshua Tree to take the next picture. No snakes slithering around yet. Just a couple of lizards. Anyway, you can see the large green closed bud on the bottom branch. Just above are buds that opened a day or two ago. Boy, are they pungent!! Way too sweet smelling for me and not great if you are allergic. They`ll be attracting bees soon.

That`s all for now. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So much warmer there for you. We are at 29 now & some snow coming in this afternoon. Not much, a couple of inches. Can't wait for warmer weather to open up the windows ! !
    Love your pics ! ! The Lilacs are something I always look forward to. We have one beside our house but they don't bloom until a bit before Memorial Day.
    Enjoy the Warm for Me !! Marilyn

  2. The wild lilac is bursting with blooms, gladdening the heart of desert folk here. Well, back country. It's so lovely to see all your spring plants popping blossoms!

  3. Would like to smell that Joshua tree! You were brave to take that last shot from the ground.

  4. Wild lilac in the desert, that's great!!!


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