Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nancy Drew Blog Hop Has Begun!

 If you haven`t already heard, the fabulous Nancy Drew Blog Hop has begun. I invite you to visit the ladies and enjoy their projects.

Here is the link to the schedule at  Just Let Me Quilt. The participating blogs are well worth a visit. Some ladies are offering Giveaways. My day is Monday, March 11.

Very busy just now. Aging pets needing extra care plus the usual long distance running around takes a lot of my time. Minimal time for blogging or sewing.

Spring is here despite the little bit of snowfall yesterday. The vultures aren`t back yet but the Joshua trees are in bud and soon will bear sweet smelling flowers. Really STRONG sweet smelling flowers. It`s like standing in line near someone wearing intense perfume. Inside the flowers are seed pods ensuring the next batch of Joshua trees. The Joshua is not really a tree, not really a cactus. It`s a member of the lily family.

 There are 20 plus Joshua`s in my yard. They provide shade for us, shelter and nesting areas for Cactus Wrens and Sparrows. In the background, way back in the hills, is where we prospect for gold.

I am glad to be posting again. Thank you for visiting.



  1. I just so enjoy seeing your Joshua trees in all seasons. Wish I could smell the aroma as I have never had that chance.

  2. ok miss gold digger, I am so envious of your claim! As I've already told you I'm a hunter, birds, rocks, etc. I love the thrill of looking and finding. Wish there were places in Michigan that gold could pop up! What unusual looking trees! Unbelievable that they are from the lily family Hope the dogs are doing better.


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