Monday, June 24, 2013

A Houseplant Question

Sunday Morning! Beautiful day and beautiful moon last night. I`m starting today`s post with a houseplant identity question.

It`s just been re-potted and as you can see looked a bit sad yesterday. Today it looks a lot better. I`m hoping my readers can tell me what it is and how to take care of it.  I thought it was a vine, but not so sure now.

Wonderful things are happening in blogland. Madame Samm has a new blog hop coming the end of July. I am so happy to be participating! This Hop Is Full.


Summer will be getting hotter, 115 in Phoenix next week. The fire danger is extreme in much of our state and across the west. I pray for those suffering with fires elsewhere.  Quail, rabbits, birds, snakes and lizards visit every day for water. The coyote are here first thing in the morning, late afternoon and evenings. This is typical for summer. I`m hoping the monsoons bring us rain.

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it.



  1. Your plant looks like it has waxy leaves...I'll look under succulents to see if it can be identified.

  2. Rather reminds me of my Moms Philedendron plant....

    Also Mdm Samm has a blog hop starting weds June 26-July 3 before we all take a break till the end of July hop. Hope you will hop by.

  3. Hi Cathy-
    It's definitely a Philodendron. A Climbing Philodendron. There are 100's of different kinds. They love heat, light and staying moist in the summertime. I have 2 on my covered patio and they go nuts out there every summer and have to trim them frequently. I bring them in for winter. Hope you have success with yours. :)
    Ren-In-Az (Valle Vista)

    1. Thank you Ren-In-AZ. I`m glad I can put them on my covered patio. I`m in Meadview, about an hour north of Kingman. 109 here now.

  4. Yes, it's one of the larger leafed philodendrons. I'm sure it will cheer up soon. They like to be misted where the humidity is low. It also likes it's leaves washed if they get dusty.


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