Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilt Pattern Question

Good Morning everyone! Still hot and humid, but any day I can put my feet on the floor is a good day! I`ll start with the quilt, an indigo quilt with provenance.  A few years ago this lovely quilt was handed to me to sell. Hand stitched, every bit of it. A set decorator quickly bought it. I`v been kicking myself a lot for not buying it. The heir is a close friend.  The pictures are small but you can still appreciate the beauty. Is there a name for this pattern? The pictures will enlarge when you click them. The quilt pics won`t get too much larger.

Now on to the houseplant. A neighbor gave this to me, no idea what it is or how to care for it. I looked online but didn`t find any information. I will add that the "root" looks like a bulb or possibly a corm. It seems to like some shade. The underside of the leaves are purple. The one my neighbor kept has thick stems and she keeps it on a side table near a window but not in direct light.  I want to thank everyone who answered my questions about the philodendren.

I miss my daily walk outdoors. The humidity affects my breathing, so I use my  treadmill every day. I guess that sounds odd but it`s the only room with space. It`s set up near a window providing a breeze and it`s turned a little so I can watch TV. I walk a half hour every day at 2 mph. I`m trying to build the speed and distance. Walking makes me feel good in so many ways.

I won a great giveaway at Pig Tales and Quilts. Thank you Thearica! I think I spelled that right. I`ll post more about that later.

A picture of the drive to the Skywalk. It will be paved soon. The faint road to the right leads to homes on the mountainside.

Thank you my friends for visiting. I appreciate each and everyone of you.



  1. Such a beautiful quilt! I understand what you mean about clicking on photos to enlarge but I don't have a clue how to do it! Lovely photos!

  2. What a lovely quilt Cathy - I can understand why you wish you'd bought it! blessings, marlene


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